Toolkit content is grouped under five categories and can be browsed in any order. Use the vertical navigation menu on the right side of each page to browse content by category or topic. The Search box provides the option to browse content with specific words or phrases.

Each topical page provides an overview of the policy, program, or concept, a summary of best practices, links to relevant case studies, and links to recommended reading for additional information.

Overview of Content by Category

Arts, Culture, and Planning: This section reviews creative tools employed by people working in a variety of sectors to infuse creativity into planning and community development processes at the neighborhood, city/town, and regional scales. Learn about creative placemaking, tactical urbanism, cultural planning, cultural asset mapping, and more.

Art and Infrastructure: This section reviews public art policies and programs that facilitate the production and integration of arts, culture, and creativity in the public realm and in public infrastructure. Learn about opportunities to promote the integration of temporary and permanent public art into the planning, design, development, and preservation of places.

Art and Zoning and Permitting: This section reviews regulatory considerations pertaining to the production of temporary or permanent public art in its varied forms as well as arts uses and facilities, including artist housing, artist live/work space, and artist manufacturing and production space. Learn about ways to ensure that your zoning and permitting processes are friendly to arts and culture activities and uses.

Arts, Culture, and Economic Development: This section reviews local, municipal, and regional approaches to promoting cultural economic development. Learn about programs and initiatives involving the government, nonprofit, and private sectors that are focused on attracting and supporting the growth and sustainability of the creative economy, including cultural enterprises, creative industries, and cultural tourism.

Arts Funding: This section reviews the landscape of state, federal, and philanthropic sources of funding for arts and culture. Learn about how current funding programs, particularly those administered by various government agencies, aim to advance livability goals that align with planning and community development priorities.

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