Promoting the Development of Makerspaces

Planners can support the creation of temporary and permanent makerspaces in a couple of ways.

  • Temporary makerspaces can be a component of a creative placemaking or tactical urbanism initiative. Creation of a short-term makerspace complete with materials and a facilitator/educator can create an opportunity for people to envision and prototype community design ideas that may inform the delivery of a creative placemaking or tactical urbanism demonstration project. Temporary makerspaces can be used as an activity for assessing demand for collaborative workspaces, artist studios, art centers, and/or creative industry fabrication or manufacturing spaces. Market the pop-up makerspace and survey participants to track local and regional participation levels and needs. A temporary makerspace may occur over a weekend or as a series of maker workshops that take place over several months.
  • Permanent makerspaces can be encouraged through the designation of zoning districts permitting arts and culture uses, shared studio workspaces, and fabrication and/or manufacturing uses in commercial, light industrial, and mixed use zones. Public and private sector financing and development entities can market resources and technical assistance available for studying the feasibility and sustainable financing structure for makerspaces as one type of cultural facility.

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