Socially Engaged Art & Civic Practice

Socially Engaged Art and Civic Art Practices Learn more! Socially Engaged Methods, Materials, and Outcomes Case Studies Portland, OR RACC Intersections Residency Everett Earthworks Socially Engaged Art Throughout the mid-20th century, the picture of the artist as a solitary practitioner

Cultural Facilities

What are Cultural Facilities? A cultural facility is a space that is open to the public that provides cultural services and facilities including, but not limited to, museums, cultural centers, historical societies, and libraries operated by a public, private, or


What is a Makerspace? A makerspace is a shared workspace that provides access to a social community, education, resources, and tools that enable people “to design, prototype, and create manufactured works that would otherwise be more challenging and cost-prohibitive to

Public Art

Public Art Public art is generated by artists that “endeavor to generate dialogue with the community, at times about the issues central to their lives.” (AFTA, 2016). Public art can be reflective of and responsive to social political, and historical

Cultural Planning

Cultural Planning Cultural planning is a place-based planning process that generates a vision and action plan for strengthening and growing arts and culture assets. The planning process provides an opportunity for jurisdictions to: expand and enhance artistic and cultural opportunities

Cultural Asset Mapping Approaches

What is Cultural Asset Mapping? Cultural asset mapping is a foundational step in cultural planning. It identifies a community’s strengths and resources through the process of inventorying tangible and intangible cultural assets. Tangible assets include arts and natural heritage resources

Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking Creative placemaking is a planning process that places arts at the center of shaping the character and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions. It is an innovative approach to advancing the planning objectives of livability, sustainability, and



Art, Community Development, and Infrastructure Community development seeks to improve the quality of life at a local-scale through projects that engage residents, leverage local assets, and address local needs. Civic engagement, economic development, housing construction and rehabilitation, infrastructure improvements, health