Case Study

Case studies are based on projects by MAPC and other public, non-profit, and private organizations in Massachusetts, New England and throughout the US. They are divided into three themes for cultural planning, creative placemaking, and public arts & culture. Use

Creative Engagement

What Is Creative Engagement?  OVERVIEW  Creative engagement is an approach to community engagement that uses creative tools and artistic experiences to help diverse stakeholders imagine new approaches to planning processes and spark creative problem solving. Creative engagement can touch every aspect of the planning process. It may frame

Socially Engaged Art & Civic Practice

Socially Engaged Art and Civic Art Practices OVERVIEW Since the 1960’s a proliferation of practices have been born into being that describe different ways of improving physical places through social interventions. The wealth of words like placemaking, placekeeping, public design,

Public Art

Public Art OVERVIEW Public art is any type of art intended for public spaces or the public realm. It is typically created by artists who “endeavor to generate dialogue with the community, at times about the issues central to their

Artist Residencies

Artist Residencies OVERVIEW Governmental and cultural entities may embed artists within their organizations in order to explore new ideas and ways of working. In this context artists often function as social practitioners, combining the traditional roles of an artist, community organizer,

Cultural Planning

Cultural Planning OVERVIEW Cultural planning is a place-based planning process that generates a vision and action plan for strengthening and growing arts and culture assets. Cultural plans may include goals and strategies that address topics including: social cohesion; community engagement;