Socially Engaged Art & Civic Practice

Socially Engaged Art and Civic Art Practices OVERVIEW Since the 1960’s a proliferation of practices have been born into being that describe different ways of improving physical places through social interventions. The wealth of words like placemaking, placekeeping, public design,

Public Art

Public Art OVERVIEW Public art is any type of art intended for public spaces or the public realm. It is typically created by artists who “endeavor to generate dialogue with the community, at times about the issues central to their

Percent for Art

What is Percent-for-Art? OVERVIEW Percent-for-art programs allocate a small portion of capital construction or renovation budgets (usually one percent) for the purchase, commissioning, and installation of artworks. Percent for art programs are one effective way for states and territories to

Artist Residencies

Artist Residencies OVERVIEW Governmental and cultural entities may embed artists within their organizations in order to explore new ideas and ways of working. In this context artists often function as social practitioners, combining the traditional roles of an artist, community organizer,

Tactical Urbanism

Tactical Urbanism OVERVIEW Tactical urbanism refers to the approach of implementing short-term, low-cost, and scalable demonstration projects that test alternatives to infrastructure, design, and uses in the public realm. This term was coined by planner Mike Lydon and is grounded

Cultural Asset Mapping

What is Cultural Asset Mapping? OVERVIEW Cultural asset mapping is a foundational step in cultural planning. It rests in the belief that there are valuable assets – in the form of people, places, associations and organizations – and that recognizing, counting,

Zoning & Permitting

Zoning & Permitting

Arts Uses Regarding Zoning and Permitting OVERVIEW Arts and culture uses in the built environment is regulated in zoning code through several ways: by-right zoning, overlay zoning, and a series of permits and relevant documentation that comprise the menu of